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Corona Map Luxembourg
Corona Map Luxembourg - Version 2020.04.12 @ 11:45

 Data protection & Imprint


The website "Corona Map Luxembourg" is a contribution from the Maker Community. It was created by Jean-Claude Feltes and Bob Fisch, based on an idea by Prof. Dr. C.P. Muller. If you have any questions or need further explanations, please contact us via corona@tux.lu.

Corona Data

This website aims to collect geographical data about CoVID-19 infection in order to statistically analyze and map it.

Participation is absolutely voluntary.

We distinguish three different types of data:

Web server

When surfing our website, the web server collects the usual data, as with other websites.

These are: Browser type, language setting, referring web page, IP address, date and time.

This information is stored for a maximum of 1 year and is only consulted in the event of a server problem. It is also used for server statistics.